About Us

Online shopping is very quick, cost-effective and quite practical. We “G GROUP” Companies group by  thinking of you  created online-shop that you could order the product easily  in a short time  which you need without leaving  home or  office, getting  tired of window shopping. We protected traditional quality standards every time. We are proud to present to you the  advanced technologies produced by the most famous companies  of the world.

Our purpose is to give complete, true information to the buyers of household appliances and to make their purchasing process convenient. Our intention is to save everyone’s valuable time. Our philosophy was qualitative service and reliable product. Customer satisfaction is  on the highest step for us. For this purpose, by assessing the advice taken from you day-by-day we bring  our services to perfection. The success of our company is the result of its ever-growing, regulated collective labor. Your comfort is very substantial for us.


Evalar.az family  invites you to get pleasure from shopping. 

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